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“Now I’m going to kick off with a track from one of my favourite bands – the MachineBreakers. I’ve just had a look on their website, and I’m pleased to see thatthey’re still gigging because I think they are amazing. They write great lyricsand great melodies and like the other band I like very much Merry Hell theytell it pretty much like it is. From their album The Bells Ring Anyway this is a fantastic track called ‘Mediocrity’.Just listen to this. The lyrics are stunning – in my humble opinion.” 


Mike Harding - The Mike Harding FolkShow 76




"Sea Green is the second cd from the Machine Breakers, and is a highly accomplished and thoughtful piece of work......Julian Pollard is a fine songwriter whose talent is well worth discovering. His style is straightforward and direct. What you see is what you get. His songs tend to be on the intense side, which match his vocal style well. In fact, there is a general feeling of intensity about this album, without it being overbearing. This is not an album for a casual listen whilst making the tea. Close listening is demanded, and will be rewarded."


David Wardle - Traditional Music Maker



"It certainly doesn't seem like 2 years since their last album but it most definitely is and the wait has been well worth it. Twelve great tracks make up 'The Bells Ring Anyway' and there's a new coherence to these latest songs from the now three piece Machine Breakers. The whole thing has a silkier feel to it, a new richness, a professionalism, yet it still retains the powerful, raw spirit of Julian Pollard's earthy songs.

Typically, Simon Othen's guitar work accentuates Julian's own work beautifully as he picks, strums and slides his way effortlessly behind the gritty vocals. New man, Mark Platt, has brought a softness to the mix with his excellent backing vocals, percussion work and fine whistles. There's a variety of moods to take in here and not a bad track in sight. Opening with the punchy, statement laden, 'Mediocrity (UK)' and finishing with the subtle and moving, piano (Steve Preston) backed title track this is a fine, contemporary, piece of work. I particularly liked the moody use of cello (Catherine Oldham) on the superb 'You Haunt Me', the subtle guitar work of the excellent 'One Regret' and the combined vocal work, powerful guitars and brilliant lyrics of 'Hit 'Em Hard'. There's other guest appearances worthy of mention here too with Luke Wormli on harmonica and Alesandra Di Prospero on flute; both adding their individual touches to this remarkably fine album.

'The Bells Ring Anyway' is a brilliant piece of modern aural sculpture and by far the best thing thus far from this talented acoustic trio."


Toxic Pete - Rhythm and Booze

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