New Release: Christmas Eve In France

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It's lovely to end 2020 with the release of a new song - Christmas Eve In France. Written last February, the song cannily foresaw the limited travel opportunities that would be available throughout the year...

"This guy is crazy!" I hear you say. "The nearest I've been to France since March, is a tin of onion soup washed down with an old bit of baguette I found down the back of the sofa whilst berating the dog for leaving a wee stain. And now he's going on about larging it up sur le continent. As if Brexit wasn't divisive enough already...he'll be wanting us to join the euro next...and don't get me started on that Charles De Gaulle entering Paris in 1944 like he was French or something..."

But mon ami, like Bridget Bardot's beret (more French cliches on a postcard please...), a buon Christmas chanson is timeless, and at 3 minutes 30 seconds, this lovely song is as near to timeless as 3 minutes 30 seconds can get...

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